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  • you could collect millions of vibration data points in minutes, efficiently and intuitively, without touching the equipment?
  • you could select any visible point and determine its vibration frequency spectrum?
  • you could see the natural excitation signature of your machine or structure, including higher order modes, such as those caused by vane/blade pass frequencies?
  • all this information was displayed using the actual image, such that everyone can understand what they’re looking at?
  • you could do that today?

With VibVue™, you can…


  • Uses high-speed video to collect data, equivalent to millions of accelerometers
  • Analyzes and quantifies the vibratory motion up to over 500Hz
  • Allows the user to magnify and slow the vibratory motion at desired frequencies to the human visual threshold, facilitating quick and comprehensive understanding of the object in motion

Gas Turbine Overall 1x Operating Speed (252.75Hz)

Gas Turbine Axial Mode at 30 Hz

Gas Turbine Guide Vane Rings Torsional and Bending Mode at 90 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 1st Bending Mode at 72 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 2nd Bending Mode at 148 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 3rd Bending Mode at 235 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 4th Bending Mode at 344 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 5th Bending Mode at 459 Hz

Gas Turbine Aux Piping at 16 Hz

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