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Pinpoint the root cause of the vibration or dynamic problems costing you time and money

Key Benefits:

  • A high speed camera and video software solution for faster, easier, and less error-prone diagnosis of vibration and system dynamics problems.
  • Enables Reliability and Maintenance Engineers in plant operator, equipment manufacturer, and repair/service companies to:
    • Pinpoint problem root causes
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Reduce problem resolution time
    • Reduce machine or plant downtime
  • Implements Motion Magnification technology licensed from a major university in a combined software and hardware solution supplied and supported by MSI.
  • Much faster, easier to implement, and less error-prone than traditional methods so problems can be diagnosed more easily, and with more certainty.
  • Customers can purchase VibVue, with maintenance, support and training from MSI vibration experts, to pinpoint problems and self-diagnose the best way to solve them, or hire MSI or a Trained Service Provider, using VibVue as a service.

Key Features:

  • Training and support provided by seasoned vibration experts
  • Slows down and magnifies motion up to 1,000x vs. competition’s 50x
  • Comprehensively shows vibration in a 1-2 megapixel scene
  • Detect and display quantitative vibration levels/frequency spectra
  • Detection and measurement down to 0.05 mils at 10’ FOV
  • Wide frequency range from low to >600Hz
  • Record and display transient "shock-like" processes
  • PC- based, mobile, portable, no internet needed on site
  • Less expensive, easier to learn & use than alternatives

Gas Turbine Overall 1x Operating Speed (252.75Hz)

Gas Turbine Axial Mode at 30 Hz

Gas Turbine Guide Vane Rings Torsional and Bending Mode at 90 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 1st Bending Mode at 72 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 2nd Bending Mode at 148 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 3rd Bending Mode at 235 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 4th Bending Mode at 344 Hz

Gas Turbine Hood 5th Bending Mode at 459 Hz

Gas Turbine Aux Piping at 16 Hz

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